Services we provide

Your Local Tech offers quality and diversified Computer, Tablet and Smartphone related services. We will assign you the best technician to help you in any of the services that you choose.

Computer Repair

Get expert services if you computer fails to start. Do not bother reading the error message. Leave that to us, we will restore your computer. Our technicians are experienced in all software and hardware repairs for your Windows and Mac operating systems. Our repair process is also educational in that we will train you on the basic technologies while solving your computer issues.

Virus, Trojan & Spyware removal

Is your computer suddenly slow or got strange messages? You might be a victim of spyware or virus. Your data must be safe. Keeping your computer off will not solve the issue. Let our experts come and run all the necessary security checks while removing any virus and spyware in your system.

Software and hardware installation, upgrade

Do not bang your head against the wall because you cannot install the hardware or software that you have for your computer. We are well informed of all the latest technologies and we will be in a position to install and configure all your software and hardware on your computer. Our technicians are highly experienced in firewalls, internet security, office suites, graphic softwares in 2D and 3D, music, videos and so much more. You just name it and we attend to it.

Optimising your system performance

Do not dismiss your computer simply because it is slow. Allow our skilled experts to recommend some changes that will make it much faster.

Backup systems

All your data is important and needs to be kept well and protected. We have perfect solutions to help you back up all your important data like photos, documents, music and so much more.

New Computer setup and customisation, data transfer

If you buy a new computer, do not just set it up in the normal way. Give us a call and we will setup your printer, email, Skype, Facebook and more. We will deliver a personalised setup that gives a true reflection of your business. You do not have to worry about data on the old computer we will not only transfer the data to your new computer but also configure backup systems for your files too. We will always give our clients options in terms of latest software and applications that we feel are necessary.

Networking, Wi-fi and File Servers

You do not have to keep moving from one computer to another either at home or in your office. We will set up a network for you that will allow you to share the internet, documents, pictures, movies as well as other devices like printers and scanners.

Internet setup and repairing

What are your internet needs? Is it Cable, ADSL, Dial-up or wireless connection? We will help you set up your internet connection as well as repair it in case of a malfunction.

Computer training

Allow our experts to train you in any computer issue. We are experienced in software as well as hardware and this makes our training very comprehensive.

Data recovery

Have you lost your data as a result of an accident or being maliciously deleted? Has your computer crashed leaving your desperate for your files and data? There is a good chance the data can be recovered by us. In this case please turn off your computer and call us immediately.

We also offer custom services that may not be listed here. Feel free to contact us at any time on our email address or call us on 1300 455 855 and we will be glad to help you.